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When a dispute gets to the point where a lawsuit is filed, you need a firm with the trial experience and resources to see the fight through.

Below is a list of some of the favorable results we have obtained when our client has been sued:

  • Defense verdict for grocery store owner sued as a result of a slip and fall;
  • Defense verdict for doctor sued in 1983 Civil Rights Action;
  • Defense verdict for business owner sued for improper collection efforts;
  • Defense verdict for insurance company in breach of contract and bad faith case;
  • Defense verdict for small business owner sued as a result of a truck accident;
  • Defense verdict for ambulance company sued for providing negligent emergency care and transport;
  • Defense verdict for race track owner sued by injured patron;
  • Defense verdict for doctor sued for negligence during labor and delivery;
  • Defense verdict for person sued for loss of consortium as a result of a car accident;
  • Defense verdict for radiologist sued for negligence in performing imaging studies;
  • Defense verdict for surgeon sued for surgical negligence;
  • Defense verdict for driver sued in a rear end automobile accident;
  • Defense verdict for hospital corporation sued for negligent emergency room treatment and care;
  • Defense verdict for homeowners sued for injury resulting from allegedly unsafe condition on the property;
  • Defense verdict for public official sued for libel and slander;
  • Defense verdict for trucking company sued for injuries resulting from a car accident;
  • Defense verdict for business owner sued in a commercial real estate dispute;
  • Defense verdict for insurance company sued for coverage in wrongful death case;
  • Defense verdict for insurance company sued for coverage in a questionable theft of property claim;
  • Defense verdict for commercial property owner improperly fined for property maintenance code violations.
  • Injunction granted in favor of property owner against county for unconstitutional assessment of property taxes;
  • Eminent domain damage verdict for property owner of more than 3x the amount offered by the City;
  • Not guilty verdict in favor of individual wrongly charged with DUI;
  • Not guilty verdict in favor of public official wrongly accused of felony bribery;
  • Not guilty verdict in favor or professor wrongly charged with felony burglary;
  • Not guilty verdict in favor of individual wrongly charged with felony malicious mischief;
  • Not guilty verdict in favor of individual wrongly charged with felony embezzlement.

We also have a record of success when our client has to file suit. Some of those results include:

  • $960,000.00 verdict for person injured in accident involving a regulatory bus operator;
  • $360,000.00 recovery for person wrongly denied long term disability insurance disability benefits;
  • $250,000.00 recovery following a house fire where the insurance company refused to pay proper amount;
  • $40,000,000.00 recovery for corporation when insurance company refused to defend and indemnify a covered claim;
  • $625,000.00 recovery when health insurance company for wrongful refused to pay a patient’s hospital bills;
  • $500,000.00 recovery when insurance company wrongly refused to indemnify and defend a homeowner when sued for negligence;
  • $6,000,000.00 recovery for twins negligently injured during delivery;
  • $500,000.00 verdict against hospital for providing negligent nursing care;
  • $1,900,000.00 recovery for failure against a physician for failing to diagnose and treat patient’s breast cancer;
  • $100,000.00 judgment in favor of a physician in defamation case;
  • $1,300,000.00 recovery for company in commercial insurance dispute;
  • $400,000.00 recovery in retail trip and fall case;
  • $400,000.00 recovery against hospital for harm caused by medication administration error;
  • $900,000.00 recovery for patient death resulting from failure of physician to diagnose and treat skin cancer;
  • $1,200,000.00 recovery for patient death when hospital failed to diagnose and treat internal bleeding;
  • $600,000.00 recovery for patient who died from hospitals failure to diagnose and treat stroke;
  • $225,000 judgment for customer injured as a result of restaurant not keeping its premises safe;
  • $900,000 recovery for minority shareholder in business dispute with closely held corporation;
  • $1,100,000.00 verdict for multiple homeowners against city for erosion damage to their homes;
  • $1,800,000.00 verdict for death resulting from negligent operation of swimming pool;
  • $450,000.00 recovery for employee victim of condoned sexual harassment;
  • $1,000,000.00 recovery for patient seriously injured by surgical negligence;
  • $5,000,000.00 verdict against hospital for negligently causing severe burns to a patient;
  • $750,000.00 recovery against trucking company for serious injury resulting from negligent hiring and screening;
  • $15,500,000.00 verdict against apartment complex for negligent security leading to death of tenant;
  • $900,000.00 verdict against building owner for negligently injuring contract maintenance worker.

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