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Our lawyers have experience representing retail businesses when sued by customers as well as individuals who were injured because of unsafe conditions on a business premises. We have also represented homeowners and other property owners when they have been sued because someone was injured while on their property. This broad experience enables us to provide the best representation you regardless of your specific circumstances.

Common defenses.

In Mississippi, a retail business is not liable just because a customer or guest is injured while on business property. Before a business can be held liable, the business must have done something that was negligent. For example, if a customer slips but the business was not aware of the slippery condition in time to fix the problem, then the business may not be liable.  A business also may not be liable if the customer does not follow the rules, or if the customer does something that is unreasonable.

The duty of the business owner to minimize risks.

Slippery and improperly maintained floors and walkways can create dangerous or unsafe situations which expose others to an unnecessary risk of injury. Because of this, business owners are obligated to maintain floors and sidewalks in a reasonably safe condition or to warn customers of any unsafe conditions on the property.

Dangerous Stairs.

Stair related falls can cause serious life changing injuries. Unfortunately not all stairs are properly designed and constructed. Stairs may become dangerous as a result of neglect and poor maintenance practices. Poor maintenance can result in rotten wood as well as weakened or loose hand rails and support brackets. Poor maintenance can also cause the surface area of the step to become dangerously slick while negligent design, fabrication and installation of the stairs can cause dangerous problems including differences in the rise and run of individual stairs.

Bio-mechanics of the slip and fall.

Slips can generally be put in one of three categories: (1) the heel strike slip; (2) the toe-off slip; and (3) the front-rear split. The most commonly seen is the heel strike slip. This fall happens when the heel of your front foot strikes the floor and slides forward. The toe-off slip occurs when the rear foot slips as your toes are pushing off the floor. This type of slip usually will not result in a fall because most of your weight has already shifted to your front foot. The front-rear split happens when both feet lose traction and start to spread apart. If your lower body is not strong enough to counter this then the result is a fall to the side.

Coefficient of friction testing.

Slip resistance means the relative force that resists the tendency of the shoe or foot to slide on the walkway surface. Slip resistance varies depending on the type of walkway surface, the surface of the foot, and any substance on the floor.

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