Surgical Errors

Most surgery related errors occur during a patient’s inttraoperative care. However, mistakes can also be made during preoperative or postoperative care. There are a number of known factors that contribute to surgical errors. These include:

  • surgeon inexperience;
  • lack of technical competence;
  • failure to recognize complications;
  • communications breakdowns;
  • unnecessary or inappropriate procedures;
  • surgeon fatigue;
  • excessive workload; and,
  • equipment/technology problems.

Most surgical errors obviously involve technical errors that happen in the operating room. During surgery technical errors can include injury to other tissue and organs, breakdown of operative repair, failure to relieve the disease, hemorrhage, and peripheral nerve injury. The performance of unnecessary or inappropriate procedures is also not uncommon. Surgical errors can also be caused by mistakes in judgment such as choosing the wrong procedure or technique or operating at the wrong site.

When a surgeon performs the wrong surgery, makes a surgical error such as leaving surgical equipment inside the patient, or negligently performs the specific procedure, the result can be devastating to the patient. Unfortunately, it is usually very difficult for patients and their families to determine the cause of  an unfavorable surgical outcome. There are many reasons for this. One is that our for profit health care system is incentivized to keep information from patients and their families when something bad happens. Doctors and nurses are also rarely fully forthcoming and stick together when an avoidable error has occurred.

Often it is necessary to hire an experience malpractice lawyer just to figure out exactly what happened.

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