Proven Advocacy

While many prescription drugs do work to improve health, some drugs can cause hazardous side effects, or worse, life-threatening injuries. When this happens, taking legal may be the only way you can obtain the compensation you need to help you recover. Our lawyers have a well-earned reputation for delivering aggressive, effective representation to injured victims.

Causes of Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical market is a billion-dollar industry with constant pressure to keep growing their profits. Sometimes this results in a company putting profits over the safety of consumers by putting unsafe drugs on the market.

What can lead to dangerous prescription drugs?

  • Improper manufacturing or contamination
  • Insufficient safety testing
  • Incorrect packing or bottling
  • Poor labeling and misinformation

In some cases, the drug manufacturer may legally responsible for any resulting injuries. In others situations, it may have been the testing lab’s fault for not conducting thorough tests on the drug’s safety.

When you work with our firm, we can help you investigate the drug, the manufacturer, distributor, and testing facility to locate any evidence of negligence. We have access to an extensive network of the experts and professionals that you need to maximize your product liability claim.

Hold Negligent Drug Manufacturers Responsible

Unsafe prescription drugs have killed thousands of consumers. It is important that you not only receive compensation for your injuries, but to make sure a company’s unsafe practices do not harm other consumers. Your claim can not only make a difference in your personal life, but also the greater public good.

Why should I file a claim with an attorney?

You should be able to trust the drugs that are being prescribed to you. When drug companies violate your trust by releasing dangerous pharmaceuticals, let our legal team seek justice for you. By pursuing a claim with an experienced lawyer, you can make sure you present the most effective claim possible. At our firm, we do not stop until we get the maximum compensation you are entitled to by law. Remember that you are not alone – we will be with you every step of the way.