Bad Faith Insurance Cases

People purchase insurance so that when something bad happens, they will have the financial resources to recover. However, sometimes the insurance company puts its own bottom line first and denies a valid claim.

At Danks, Miller, & Cory, our lawyers will help you collect all insurance benefits that you are owed. Our attorneys have experience handling the most complex insurance disputes.

Resolving Insurance Disputes

A protracted insurance dispute can be both stressful and costly. However, you do not need to face the insurance company alone. Our lawyers regularly handle cases involving wrongly denied insurance claims. We also have experience establishing coverage under every type of policy, including:

If your insurance company fails to pay what it owes, or unreasonably delays making payments to you, then have the right to file “bad faith” insurance claim.


Natural and man made disasters like hurricanes, fires and oil spills are financially devastating for those involved. Unnecessary insurance related delays can add months or even years to the time it takes for you to recover. Making matters worse, delays created by your insurance company can cause additional loss and damage.

If your insurance company is not moving quickly enough, you should contact a law firm that understands the claims handling process, and that will fight for you to get the coverage you are due.

We Understand Insurance

Our lawyers have experience representing many of the major insurance companies. We know how insurance policies work. We know how insurance companies defend claims. We will that knowledge to help you quickly obtain all the insurance benefits that are rightfully owed.

Aggressive Advocates

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