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Administrative Law

What is Administrative Law?

“Administrative Law” refers to the regulations that apply to federal and state agency enforcement actions. Violation of agency rules can lead to significant penalties, fines, and/or the suspension or revocation of state or federal licenses and permits.

Agency Authority

As a practical matter, administrative agencies make the rules, investigate the alleged violations, pick the judge, prosecute the violations and review their own judge’s decisions.

The Regulatory Maze

Businesses now operate in an environment where new regulations are always being created. Every year thousands of new rules are issued by more than 60 different federal departments, agencies and commissions. Many of these regulations provide for the imposition of significant fines and penalties while providing little in the way of due process.

Experienced Attorneys

if you become entangled in an administrative enforcement matter, you need law firm with the experience to fight for you and protect your interests. We have successfully represented clients in enforcement actions initiated by the:

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