Protecting Your Right To Bear Arms

Unfortunately, ordinary law abiding Mississippians are too often placed in extraordinary situations where they are forced to use lethal force to protect themselves. If you find yourself in any situation where you have to use a firearm to protect you or one of your family members, you should immediately contact an experienced Second Amendment lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

Our firm includes experienced pro Second Amendment lawyers who proudly support and represent firearms enthusiasts.  We have the extensive knowledge of Mississippi’s firearms laws as well as the trial experience to ensure that you get the full benefit of your Constitutional rights.

Your firearms rights can be denied based upon certain convictions (especially domestic violence, felonies, and drug crimes). If you choose to ignore the firearms disability, you are risking criminal prosecution and years in prison. However, there are often legal processes in place to restore your lost rights.

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If you have any questions about whether you are allowed to carry a gun in Mississippi, or if you are facing charges for a gun permit violation, please contact us to set up an initial consultation with one of our experience gun rights lawyers.  You do so by emailing us or calling our office locally at 601-957-3101. Evening and weekend appointments are available by request.