Zoning Matters

Local city and county authorities use zoning ordinances to regulate and control land uses. The primary goal of municipal zoning laws is to create desirable urban outcomes while preserving the character of a community. Zoning laws not only regulate the specific use of your land, but also things like building height, building characteristics, landscaping and density or lot size.

Zoning Classifications

City and county governments are responsible for making zoning decisions and implementing a comprehensive zoning plan. Local zoning plans are usually enacted using some combination of the five major zoning classifications: (1) residential; (2) mixed residential and commercial; (3) commercial; (4) industrial; and special (i.e., power plants, sports complexes, airports etc.). Each of these categories usually have many sub-categories with their own restrictions.

Zoning Petitions

We assist property owners in difficult and complicated zoning matters. When it is necessary for a property owner to secure a rezoning in order to realize its highest and best use we can help you successfully navigate the rezoning process. In those situations where a property owner or group of property owners will be harmed by a proposed rezoning. We also have the experience to work with private property owners, businesses and neighborhood associations in successfully opposing rezoning petitions which will adversely impact their property values.

Zoning Appeals

Zoning decisions by a city or county can significantly impact the use and value of your property. As a private property owner, you have the right to appeal any adverse zoning decision to circuit court — and if necessary to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

With any zoning appeal, the burden is on the landowner to prove that the zoning action taken was illegal, arbitrary or capricious. Because this is a heavy burden, it is important for the landowner to make a full and complete record of all proceedings. When the stakes are high, it is important to involve experienced legal counsel as early as possible.

Protecting Private Property Rights

We are committed to protecting the rights of private property owners throughout the State of Mississippi. Our attorneys have experience working with individual homeowners, businesses, and developers to successfully resolve all types of zoning land use issues. We also have extensive experience representing clients before local planning and zoning boards, city councils, county commissions, boards and state agencies throughout the State of Mississippi.

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