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When you get married in Mississippi, a binding legal relationship is created between you and your spouses. This relationship continues indefinitely. The marital relationship can only be terminated by: (1) a judgment of divorce based on the mutual agreement of the spouses; (2) a judgment of divorce based on a finding of marital fault; or (3) death of one of the spouses.

A no-fault divorce is available when the parties agree that there are irreconcilable differences have arisen and there is no chance that the marriage can be saved. A fault based divorce is generally more time consuming and expensive because the person seeking the divorce must prove one of the statutory grounds before the divorce will be granted. While no divorce is easy, we will work with you to answer your questions and guide you through the divorce process. To help you find answers to some of the more common questions, you may follow the following links:

  1. Fault Based Divorce and Grounds for Divorce;
  2. Defenses to Divorce;
  3. No Fault Divorce;
  4. Property Division;
  5. Alimony;
  6. Child Custody;
  7. Prenuptial Agreements; and
  8. Alienation of Affection.

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We know that in many situations discretion and continued work towards reconciliation is the best path forward. When doing so is in your best interest, we will work with you to achieve your goal. In other situations where there is no hope for reconciliation, you need a lawyer who will fight for you to protect your interests to achieve a fair result. Regardless of your specific situation, our lawyers have the experience and know how to help you through even the most difficult divorce or family law matter.

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