1 31 14 140We represent small and mid-sized businesses and companies across the State of Mississippi. Working with an experienced business lawyer is the best way to protect against the mistakes and disputes that often arise when you start a new business venture.

Starting a New Business

Every business is different with its own unique questions and legal needs. If you are just starting a business, there are many questions and important decisions to make. Small business owners often spend significant time attempting to deal with legal issues which takes away from your ability to focus on growing your business.

Our lawyers can help you with important legal issues including (1) choosing the right corporate form; (2) drafting corporate formation documents; (3) drafting an operating agreement; (4) drafting and negotiating contracts; (5) properly structuring multiple business entities; (6) documenting how business entities are controlled; and (7) drafting buy-sale agreements.

Providing Cost Effective Legal Services

Affordable access to legal advice is a significant barrier for many small businesses. We know that with most small businesses and start ups, resources and budgets are tight. However, quality legal advice does not need to be expensive.

There are many tasks that you can handle yourself with the right legal advice. Some owners may only need an initial consultation to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Others may want the ability to regularly consult with an experienced business lawyer. Regardless of your situation, we will work with you to provide the legal services you need in the most cost effective way possible.

Our Small Business Development Services

We provide a wide range of business services:

Business Litigation Lawyers

While one of the reasons you consult with a lawyer is to avoid business disputes, there are times when it still becomes necessary to defend against a legal claim, or to initiate a legal claim. When these situations arise, we have the trial and litigation experience necessary to help you secure the best result possible.

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