Child support questions typically arise in three situations. The first is during the initial divorce proceeding. In a divorce, the initial child support obligations will be set by the judge if there is no agreement. Child support can also be sought when children are born out of wedlock. Finally, child support can modified when there is a change of income or a material change of circumstances.

The guidelines for setting child support are contained in Mississippi Code Sections 43-19-101 and 43-19-103. The amount of child support is percentage based your adjusted gross income and the number of children.

The current percentages are:

12345 or more
14%20%22%24% 26%

Unfortunately, sometimes a parent will try to hide income to pay less in child support. Or, they may be able to show less income on tax returns because much of their actual income in unreported cash and/or is offset by questionable expenses. In those situations the court can impute income to the parent if you show that the reported income is clearly inadequate to support his or her actual lifestyle.

Our lawyers have experience handling the most complicated child support issues. We know how small businesses and the corporate form are used to hide income. We also know how to track down undisclosed accounts and income producing assets to make sure the right amount of child support is paid.