• City’s and counties have the authority to classify property for tax related purposes.
  • Section 112 of the Mississippi Constitution of 1890 states that taxation shall be uniform and equal throughout the state.
  • Property shall be taxed in proportion to its value.
  • Property shall be assessed for taxes under general laws, and by uniform rules, and in proportion to its value.

Once the true value is determined, a uniform and equal ratio of assessment must be applied so as to arrive at the proper assessed value. All property not exempt from ad valorem taxation shall be taxed at its assessed value based on uniform rules.

Improper Tax Assessments

When local governments look for ways to increase revenue, they often do so by increasing the assessed values of real property, and/or turn to more aggressive tax enforcement. We have the experience to help individuals and businesses in challenging improper state, county and city tax assessments.

Property values can fluctuate based on changing economic conditions. As a result your property may become “overvalued” for tax assessment purposes. The tax rate assessed to your property may be challenged. A successful challenge requires the taxpayer to prove that the assessed value is unreasonable compared to the current market value of the property.

If the amount in dispute is significant, you should consider retaining a law firm with the experience to guide you through the tax appeal process. We will help you confirm the market value of your property and determine whether an appeal is a good business decision.

The Appeal Process

Improper tax assessments can be overturned when the tax decision is not supported by substantial evidence, is arbitrary and capricious, is beyond the taxing authority’s power to make, and/or violates a constitutional or statutory right.

Under Miss. Code Ann. § 11-51-77, any person aggrieved by a decision of the board of supervisors or the municipal authorities of a city, town or village, as to the assessment of taxes, may, within ten days after the adjournment of the meeting at which such decision is made, appeal to the circuit court of the county

All tax revenue laws are strictly construed against the taxing power, and all ambiguities are to be resolved in favor of the taxpayer.

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