The Mississippi Department of Revenue audits individual and business taxpayers.

If you find yourself in an audit where you may have significant financial exposure based on the Department of Revenue’s interpretation or application of the tax laws to your business or enterprise, you need to immediately retain experienced lawyer to protect your interests.

How does the audit process start?

The audit process typically begins with a field audit.

How do does a field audit work?

  • A field audits typically covers a 3 year time period because the statute of limitation is normally 3 years unless you did not file a return.
  • It is your responsibility to provide the information necessary for the auditor to determine your correct tax liability.
  • Once the field audit is complete, you will be sent a formal notice of the audit results.
  • After the formal notice is sent, you have only a limited time to initiate an appeal to challenge the results.

How can I resolve the situation favorably?

There are many opportunities during the tax appeal process to try an reduce your tax liability. The first opportunity is during an informal hearing before the Review Board. A second opportunity is at the hearing before the Board of Tax Appeals. The third opportunity is through an appeal to Chancery Court where you will have your first opportunity to appear before an independent judge.

If you are not successful in securing a favorable result at the Chancery Court level, then your final option is to file an appeal with the Mississippi Supreme Court.

How can we help you?

We will work with you and your accounting professionals at ever stage to make sure the law is followed and to make sure your rights are protected. Where appropriate, we will bring in an independent accounting expert to make sure you have the best chance at a successful outcome.

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