Transparent and Predictable Pricing

A successful representation is when we obtain the client’s desired result at a predictable and affordable price. This starts with a conversation about:

  • the client’s objectives;
  • the nature of the legal work;
  • the likelihood of success;
  • the existence of specific deadlines;
  • any work or investigation to be performed by the client;
  • the distribution of the financial risk between the client and the firm; and,
  • the specific fee agreement and payment terms.

There are a number of different fee arrangements that can be specifically tailored to meet your needs:

Hourly Rate Billing

Our hourly rates are based on a number of factors including: the complexity of the matter; the novelty and difficulty of the legal questions involved; the volume and frequency of the business; and the anticipated demands on the firm’s resources. Our hourly rate for associates and partners ranges between $250.00 to $395.00 an hour.

Modified Hourly Rate

A modified hourly rate is hybrid arrangement where the we perform the requested legal work at a discounted hourly rate plus an agreed success or performance fee.  This additional fee is typically based on the results obtained and/or the savings achieved.

Fixed Fee

With a fixed fee, the client and the lawyer agree up front on the total amount of legal fees and costs that the client will pay. The fixed fee may be paid up front or at predetermined benchmarks.

Contingency/Success Fee

With a contingency fee, the lawyer does not get paid unless there is a settlement or judgment. Depending on the specific case, our firm may also agree to advance the costs of the litigation. Our contingency fees typically range from 25% to 50% of the total recovery.

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