Professional Malpractice Cases

We provide experienced legal representation in all types of professional malpractice cases. Whether defending a physician, or representing a business owner pursuing a claim against an accounting firm, or representing an a person harmed by professional negligence, we have the knowledge and skill to effectively handle your case.

Our Malpractice Practice

We regularly handle all types of professional claims including:

Professional Standards of Care

If a licensed professional, such as an accountant, engineer, physician, nurse or attorney fails to adhere to professional standards of care, this can cause serious harm and financial loss. We will work with you to make sure you get full and fair compensation for all of your resulting losses.

Loss or Suspension of Your Professional License

If you are a licensed professional facing a malpractice claim, there is more at stake than just the  lawsuit. You may face the loss or suspension of your professional license. For doctors, nurses, attorneys and other professionals, your professional license is essential to your livelihood. Our lawyers have successfully represented professions before their licensure boards successfully resolving even the most difficult licensure issues.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

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